Production of various types of personal, corporate and store risk tapes
Our products are hazard band - gas - water - electricity - oil - telecommunications - green space - rescue
With any writing on the risk strip to the liking of dear customers with a variety of colors
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Utilizes the latest equipment with the latest technology
Undoubtedly, the use of modern technology equipment will lead to high quality production with strength
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Borna Danger Tape Production Group

Borna Risk Belt Production Group has entered the field of risk belt production with the aim of customer satisfaction and knows the secret of any business and can design and implement for each business. Borna Hazardous Band Production Group is proud to present with quality and ideation in the field of producing hazardous tape with quality and tailored to the customer's taste. We assure you, dear customers, that adhering to the principles of global standards is our priority.
Production of risk tape to cooperate with various organs
Ready to sign contracts with public and private organizations and companies
Ready to place orders 24 hours a day, 7 days a week
Borna Danger Bar is ready to register your orders 24 hours a day
Observance of hazardous tape production standards
Experience the standard product with us in the shortest time by registering a quick order.
Easy project management

Ready to manage your projects.


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